T.S.I. (Tech Source International) is proud to represent SONY CAMERAS

The Sony VIS (Visual Imaging Systems) group continues to produce the most advanced, state-of-the-art digital imaging cameras in the world. The camera line-up includes the FCB-Series 4K and Full HD camera blocks,  B2B cameras and digital global shutter CMOS cameras (USB3.0 VisionGigE  &  CameraLink cameras). They are deployed in a wide range of industries and applications. This includes machine vision inspection systems, A/V, manufacturing, security/surveillance, videoconferencing, robotics, drones/UAV’s, unmanned vehicles, scientific and medical.

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  • FCB-7520A 30x HD Camera

FCB4K Color Camera Blocks :

  • FCB-ER8550
  • FCB-ER8530
  • FCB-ER8230

XCU-CG Series Global Shutter CMOS Cameras :

  • XCU-CG160 (B/W)
  • SCU-CG160C (Color)

XCG-CG Series Global Shutter SMOS Cameras :

  • XCG-CG510 (B/W)
  • XCG-CG510C (Color),
  • XCG-240 (B/W)
  • SCG-240C (Color)
  • XCG-160 (B/W)
  • XCG-160C (Color)

XCL-CG / XCL-SG Series:

  • XCL-CG510 (B/W)
  • XCL-CG510C (Color)
  • XCL-SG-510 (B/W)
  • XCL-SG510C (Raw Color)

Click to Download the entire FCB Block Camera line-up chart below:

Sony FCB Block Cameras