FCB-ER8550 Sony

A new 4K Sony FCB Camera block series featuring Sony’s most advanced Exmor R™ CMOS sensor. FCB-ER8550 is similar in size as the FCB-EV series, full HD models with 30x optical zoom, making them easily interchangeable with each other. FCB-ER8550 has an external synchronization function that allows synchronized image capturing by multiple cameras. Dimensions : 50.0 (W) × 60.0 (H) × 93.3 (D) mm

  • 4K CMOS sensor for crisp image quality
  • Various video outputs from 4K to SD




FCB-ER8550 has 30x zoom, which is achieved in conjunction with optical 20x zoom.

Delivers excellent images while maintaining the resolution without reducing image quality when the image is expanded due to the Sony unique “Full pixel super-resolution imaging technology”  Our unique “By Pixel Super Resolution technology” prevents image degradation when an image is enlarged, providing excellent images at their original resolution.

  • Auto ICR
  • Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Defog (low/mid/high)
  • Visibility Enhancer (VE)
  • Privacy Zone masking
  • Slow AE Response


This function synchronizes video signals from multiple video cameras to prevent image distortion that may occur when switching camera images.


Realize a high-definition (fine) image quality that allows users to see the details of images even when viewed on a large screen and realistically reproduces textures that could not be expressed with Full HD.

Visibility Enhancer (VE)

Depending on the imaging scene, the Visibility Enhancer function makes the darker part of a camera image brighter, and automatically correct brightness and contrast to show bright parts clearly.

Defog (low/mid/high)

When the surrounding area of the subject is foggy and low contrast, the defog mode will reduce the effects of the fog and make the subject appear clearer. You can select from four levels: OFF, Low, Middle and High. The effect level can be automatically adjusted according to the fog density.

Noise Reduction (NR)

The NR function removes noise (both random and nonrandom) to provide clearer images.

Privacy Zone masking

Privacy Zone masking protects private objects and areas such as house windows, entrances, and exits which are within the camera’s range of vision but not subject to surveillance. Privacy zone masking can be masked on the monitor to protect privacy.

  • Mask can be displayed on 8 places per screen simultaneously.
  • Individual on/off zone masking settings.

Image Stabilizer

Switching on the Image Stabilizer function reduces image blurring caused by, for example, vibration, which allows you to obtain images without much blurring. A correction effect is possible for a vibration frequency of around 10 Hz. • Electronic image stabilization


StableZoom is a function that performs corrections in accordance with the zoom magnification by using the image stabilizer function, and zooms in an image by combining the optical zoom and electronic zoom.

Auto ICR

Auto ICR Mode automatically switches the settings needed for attaching or removing the IR Cut Filter. With a set level of darkness, the IR Cut Filter is automatically disabled (ICR On), and the infrared sensitivity is increased. With a set level of brightness, the IR Cut Filter is automatically enabled (ICR Off).

Slow AE Response

The slow AE Response function allows you to reduce the exposure response speed. Usually the camera is set up so that the optimum exposure can be obtained automatically within about 1 second.

White Balance

  • Auto This mode computes the white balance value output using color information from the entire screen.
  • ATW Auto Tracing White balance
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor • Outdoor Auto This is an auto white balance mode specifically for outdoors.
  • One Push WB The One Push White Balance mode is a fixed white balance mode that may be automatically readjusted only at the request of the user (One Push Trigger), assuming that a white subject, in correct lighting conditions, and occupying more than 1/2 of the image, is submitted to the camera.
  • Manual WB
  • Sodium Vapor Lamp Auto
  • Sodium Vapor Lamp (Fix)
  • Sodium Vapor Lamp Outdoor Auto


  • Auto Focus Mode The Auto Focus (AF) function automatically adjusts the focus position to maximise the high frequency content of the picture in a center measurement area, taking into consideration the high luminance and strong contrast components.
  • Manual Focus Mode Manual Focus has both a Standard Mode and a Variable Mode. Standard Mode focuses at a fixed rate of speed. Variable Mode has eight speed levels. • One Push Trigger Mode When a Trigger Command is sent, the lens moves to adjust the focus for the subject.
  • Near Limit Can be set in a range from 1000 (∞) to F000 (10 mm).
  • Spot Focus

Temperature Readout

The camera unit’s internal temperature can be read from temperature sensor in stabled in the circuit board. Use it as a reference value.

Custom Preset

The camera shooting conditions can be stored and recalled. The settings are recalled when the power is turned on.

Memory (Position preset)

Using the position preset function, 16 sets of camera shooting conditions can be stored and recalled. This function allows you to achieve the desired status instantly, even without adjusting the various items each time.

Title Display

  • You can set a title of up to 11 lines. One line can contain up to 20 characters.
  • You can set display on/off, the horizontal position of the first character, blinking state and color for each line.