Sony EV7520A



The new Sony FCB-EV9520L industrial camera features full HD1080p60 resolution. It also offers a 30x Optical Zoom lens, making this a versatile camera suitable for various applications, including industrial, surveillance, medical, aerial, and motion systems. Its compact block-style design incorporates an updated 1/2.8″ 2MP Starvis 2 CMOS sensor, enabling it to capture high-quality video at resolutions up to 1080p60, with video output via LVDS.

The 30x integrated lens features a 63.7° horizontal field of view, and  wide dynamic range, making it ideal for low-light environments. The EV9520L camera includes an integrated anti-shake function to ensure clear, steady images, regional focus/exposure/white balance functions, and improved infrared night vision effects. Mechanically, this is a drop-in replacement for the popular Sony FCB-EV7520 Series cameras.


Improved low-light visibility with the latest image sensor

Through the introduction of new cell structures and circuit technology, the EV9520L efficiently uses light, achieving twice the sensitivity compared to conventional image sensors. Consequently, clear images can be captured even during the night and in dark environments. Compared to conventional cell structures, diffraction gratings have been applied, and the photodiode layer is deeper. By securing a longer light path length, the absorption efficiency of the long wavelength is increased, and achieves high sensitivity.


The Image Stabilizer enables capturing of highly precise video with reduced blurring even in harsh environments with strong vibrations by greatly improving blur suppression and image stabilizer. Equipped with the “Super” and “Super+ (plus)”* Modes. *Available during full HD or HD output.  Applying a wide correction area suppresses blurs from strong vibrations and rotational vibrations compared to conventional models. There are 2 modes available to select from:

Super Mode

Suppresses strong vibrations with a wider correction area compared to conventional electronic vibration suppressors.

Super+ Mode

By employing a wider correction area than “Super,” “Super+” suppresses intense vibrations that cannot be suppressed with “Super.” Potential application: Shipboard, attachments for ITS surveillance, on bridges, drones, vehicles, etc.


Easy replacement of conventional 1/2.8-type models. The same sized housing as the Sony FCB-EV7520 series enables this to be a drop-in replacement. LVDS output pin assignments are also compatible.

* Note: The lens position is shifted down by approx. 2 mm.

Color image acquisition during ICR ON

On conventional models, only black and white images are achieved while the IR cut filter is removed. The new ICR ON COLOR function enables the camera to capture shots with color even when the IR cut filter is removed. It is effective for color visibility in dark environments. (Note: *The precision of color reproduction varies depending on the light source and brightness)

Spot Focus · Spot AE · Spot AWB

Enables functioning of AF, AE, and AWB only in specified areas within the screen. Enables independent specification of any rectangle of the entire screen divided in 6 x 8. For example, if the subject location is specified with Spot AE, enables capturing of images with Exposure effects reduced even if brightness changes occur outside the specified frame.

Wide Dynamic Range (Wide-D)

Wide-D mode is a function for dividing an image into several blocks for correcting blocked-up shadows and blown-out highlights in accordance with the intensity difference. It enables image acquisition in which portions ranging from dark to light can be recognized, even when capturing a subject with a large intensity difference that is backlit or includes extremely light regions of interest.

Visibility Enhancer (VE)

Depending on the imaging scene, the Visibility Enhancer function makes the darker part of a camera image brighter, and automatically correct brightness and contrast to show brig parts clearly.

Low Focal Plane Distortion Image

The image warp that occurs when capturing rapidly moving subjects are reduced.

Defog (low/mid/high)

When the surrounding area of the subject is foggy and low contrast, the defog mode will reduce the effects of the fog and make the subject appear clearer. You can select from four levels: OFF, Low, Middle and High. The effect level can be automatically adjusted according to the fog density

Noise Reduction (NR)

The NR function removes noise (both random and nonrandom) to provide clearer images.

Other Features:

Visibility Enhancer, Noise Reduction, Auto ICR, Privacy Zone Masking, StableZoom, Spot Light Avoidance, and more…

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